Hatfield College Offers A SUPERIOR EDUCATION

Founded in 2007, Hatfield College in Pretoria is a leading independent college which offers students from all backgrounds a quality education and diploma programs in Information Technology, engineering studies, management studies and Matric Re-Write.

Hatfield College is:

  • > Accredited by UMALUSI (FET00554 PA)
  • > Approved by the Department of Higher Education & Training (2009/FE07/113)
  • > Accredited by MICT SETA (LPA/2009/05/1526)
  • > Accredited by FASSET SETA (585/01040/09)

Teaching on all courses comprises a combination of small group classes and individual tuition. The college aims to provide a supportive yet mature environment which will enable its students fully to realise their academic potential. Students learn not only how to gain the grades they need to pass their chosen course, but in the process they also acquire the skills, the good study habits and the self-reliance they will need to perform exceptionally well and above average.

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You deserve a superior educational experience. Make an appointment today to learn about flexible class schedules, financial aid, and how to apply to Hatfield Tuition College.