Welcome to Hatfield Tuition College. I am proud of Hatfield College’s vision, mission, and values of meeting the professional needs of working adults from under-served groups, primarily those from the greater Gauteng region, through high quality and student-centered learning.

Students can complete coursework and earn certificates and diplomas in a nurturing environment, with a low student-faculty ratio, and a high quality education. Students also enjoy instant access to the online, state-of-the-art library and a wide range of student services. Hatfield Tuition College continues to attract and retain highly qualified faculty with extensive professional and teaching experience. With our unique pedagogical model and excellent faculty, staff, and administration, I believe that we are on the path for an outstanding learning experience.

Graduates leave the University having attained in-depth knowledge and the requisite professional skills for success in their chosen career. HTC College graduates exhibit great confidence, enthusiasm, and dedication to their profession and the community. Again, welcome to Hatfield Tuition College, where a world of educational opportunities await. Discover how we can enrich your future with an excellent and interactive learning experience.