Two main aims of this training course

  • To provide appointed Health & Safety Reps with an overview of the O.H.S Act. This includes knowing what the act says about the duties and responsibilities of employers and their employees and what it requires of them.
  • To provide Health & Safety Representatives with an understanding of their role as such. This includes knowing what their duties and responsibilities are and how you should carry them out.

Course Details:

  • Half day course
  • Appointment of SHE Reps in Terms of Latest Legislation
  • Duties & Functions of a Health & Safety Representative
  • Safety Committees
  • Health & Safety Representative inspections – checklists etc.
  • Accident Investigation & Reporting
  • Candidates Receive Handout
  • Candidates Issued with Certificate on Completion

Who Should Attend?:

  • Any who will be serving as Safety Representatives in the company
  • Any Current Safety Representatives for Retraining (every two Years)
  • Management/Supervisors interested in the Safety Rep System

Price: R1800.00