What are my career options if I do this degree?

Administrative managers, bank manager, brand manager, broker, financial manager, investment analyst, management consultant, organizational development practitioner, risk manager, portfolio manager.

On completion of you degree you can apply for Honours in Business Management or you can register for the internationally accredited CFA programme.

What are the admission requirements?

You have to be a registered student at UNISA for this particular course.


Suggested first year module outline

Semester 1
CLA1501 : Commercial Law 1A
ECS1501 : Economics 1A
FAC1502 : Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures
MNB1501 : Business Management 1A
SUS1501 : Sustainability and Greed

Semester 2
MNG2601 : General Mangement
ECS1601 : Economics 1B
FAC1601 : Financial Accounting Reporting
MNB1601 : Business Management 1B
FIN2602 : Personal Financial Management

Suggested second year module outline

Semester 1
INV2601 : Investments: An Introduction
ECS2602 : Macroeconomics
FAC2601 : Financial Accounting for Companies
ESC2605 : South African Financial System
FIN2601 : Financial Management

Semester 2
TAX2601 : Principles of Taxation
ECS2601 : Microeconomics
FAC2602 : Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures
RSK2601 : Enterprise Risk Management
ECS2603 : South African Economic Indicators

Suggested third year module outline

Semester 1
FIN3701 : Financial Management
MNG3701 : Strategic Planning IIIA
INV3701 : Investments: Equity Asset Evaluation
ECS3701 : Monetary Economics
TAX3701 : Taxation of Business Activities

Semester 2
FIN3702 : Working Capital Management
MNG3702 : Strategic Implementation IIIB
INV3702 : Investments: Fixed Income Analysis
RSK3701 : Risk Financing and Short Term Insurance
INV3703 : Investments: Derivatives