Public Management Public Management National N Diploma: Public Management Public ManagementThe aim of the National Diploma in Public Management is to prepare students for a career in the public sector. The object is to prepare students for entry into commerce and industry, and to offer invaluable guidance on managerial competencies for those preparing to enter higher levels of the public sector.

The National Diploma in Public Management course is designed to offer both practical and theoretical knowledge on a variety of issues ranging from public finance, personnel management, sustainable development, legislative procedures, information technology, and knowledge – skills – applications necessary for public managers to models of governance.

About this Course:

The Public Management course addresses the skills, knowledge and experience needed in the public/government departments across South Africa.  The programme integrates academic knowledge and theory with practical experience that will be obtained during the internship.  Students will learn about legal principles as well as management and governance.

What will I Learn?

  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management N4
  • Management Communication N4
  • Marketing Management N4
  • Computer Practice N4
  • Marketing Management N5
  • Sales Management N5
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Management N5
  • Computer Practice N5
  • Marketing Management N6
  • Marketing Communications N6
  • Sales Management N6
  • Marketing Research N6

What is the minimum entrance requirements
N3 Business Studies or Grade 12 or any equivalent qualification

Each level takes 6 Months full time to complete (total of 18 months to complete the theory) and then 18 months practical. Generally it takes 3 years to qualify for a National Diploma.

On completion of N6 learners have to find employment with a registered company that will give them practical training in the place of work to gain the required experience. The N6 certificate can be converted to a Diploma after 18 months of relevant experience.

Job opportunities:

Public Institutions: City Councils; Regional Services; Local government (Municipality); Provincial government; National government; District Councils; Local authorities; and Small Business companies.

National N Diploma Public Management